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is there anybody out there who can hear me? [Apr. 15th, 2005|09:31 pm]


[The Sounds are Essential |sigur ros]

so heres some poems from the past month or so
and because there hasnt been anything put here in a while
i figured id post them
see if i can get some responses or anything

"Ballad Of A Lonely Robot"
Im Just A Robot, A Lonely Robot, From Outer Space
laying in this junkpile, paralized, with no legs
oh what did i do to get here
oh what did i do to deserve this
and why, dont i have any thighs
i dont know how i got here, how i landed, how i arrived
and now i cant stand, i cant move, im paralized
and though my battery is dying
and though we all die
but where, do we go, when we're gone
"Ring Of Black Roses"
our loves as strong as celophane
you've got a face like murder
a body that drips like blood
and eyes that stab like knives
i've got self esteem that drops like the tempurature
and hands that are as cold as ice
my hear runs on batteries
and they have run dry
as we all fall down, down, down, down
ashes to ashes, we all fall down
"Rascal The Raptor"
the only item left on our agenda is suicide
i followed logic all the way to heartache
and i didnt even get a stupid t-shirt
all that i got was the feeling of something overrated
something that isnt as great as we're told
or maybe the problem is just with me
to make love is to take love out of the body
remodel, im no supermodel, not your fashion whore
the good looking ones all look like they are dead
and sex is out nations new national past-time
while i block my own shot, and fall to the ground
and we'll scratch out my eyes with all of your lies
and rip out my beating heart with your eyes
stop me from feeling, stop me from breathing
and let me become better, at this past-time
"Like Getting Hi With A Bag Of Nails"
he dies when his words are drained like blood
and is broken down just like a molecule
everytime they put the spotlight on him
and she cries "Oh Pretty Boy Please Dont Die
I Want To Celebrate Everyday Like Its The New Year"
but these constant drinks and kissed make his eyes glaze
while shes stumbled off the earth its so dull and flat
and instead of traveling forwards in time we just keep falling back
keep falling back and missing each others arms
only to find that empty viod of nothing
she wont let him worry and grabs him by his colar
and her kiss is as addicting as crack, it keeps bringing him back
the kind of crack that is so good, it will stop you dead in your tracks
dead in your tracks, she stopped him dead in his tracks
and she cries "Oh Pretty Boy Please Dont Die
Our New Year Is Growing Old Dont Leave Me To Die

[User Picture]From: toolerapc
2005-04-16 02:14 pm (UTC)
so morbid. i like your lj icon.
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