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"Robots Drinking Whiskey. Whiskey Rusting Robots" The smell of… - The Open Mic [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Sep. 21st, 2005|12:50 am]


"Robots Drinking Whiskey. Whiskey Rusting Robots"

The smell of cigarettes are all that fill you lungs. and all that you are drinking from this cup is pure blood. this intermission is all that separates the begining of your life from the end. as the beating of your heart crescendoes out of control. roll the dice. bet it all. snake eyes watching your every move. He drinks the kerosine like its whiskey. you are what your mothers told you never to be. tell the piano player to play it again. faster this time. love her. you know you love her. you know she loves him. sherif is back in town. he's sleeping in the jail cell. dont you just love it when a plan comes through. dont you just love it when their stomachs start to rust through. dont you just love it when they all fall down dead because they do what they are told to do. you're a great face to fall asleep to. you've got a body only a mother could hate. hate just like apple pie. drink his blood eat his body. christ tastes like cheep wine and shitty crackers to me. brush your teeth. this is the last time you'll ever get to do that. tommrow you get to fly high on the electric chair. its not illegal if they dont catch us. program upload. complete. obey the master computer. system error. malfunction. system shutting down. run and hide children. dont forget to kiss your mothers goodbye. daddy has had too many drugs and not enough hugs. the perfect all-american death.