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long time no stepping up to the mic [Jan. 11th, 2005|10:44 pm]


[The Sounds are Essential |the get up kids "holy roman"]

"Handclaps And Icicles Through Our HEarts"

so our bible verses are the writing on the walls in the bathroom stalls
kill or be killed is all that i have learned inside and out of these walls
but im a lover not a fighter cant you see
thought love is the thing that is missing from me
so cross out my eyes and make me go blind
cause all of this dosent ease my mind
so much more is expected of me
than of what i am able to preform
with icicles perced through our hearts
we're too cold to love each other
while now i find out that im addicted to a kiss
not just any kiss but hers
but this is only leading me towards devistation
the devistation of my empty heart
im paralysed for good this time
you wont find a bleeding heart thats quite like mine
but with icicles perced through our hearts
we're too cold... to love


i'd apricehate if you'd feed me some comments on this one

[User Picture]From: benauy321
2005-01-11 11:30 pm (UTC)
It kinda went from nowhere to the whole Icicle hearts subject. But I couldnt better, so cool! *thumb up* and I think it's Devastation and Perform and Pierced and Paralyzed, but spelling is for people who care about spelling.
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[User Picture]From: toolerapc
2005-01-12 01:31 am (UTC)
no one told you to join my community. HAHA i'm jk.

the first line sounds like something ben gibbard would write.
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